In Sol Chamomile Citrus Recipes

This cocktail is a Tasting Room favorite – it was created by one of our team members, -J. (you’ll hear more about him next month). It has nice bright citrus, but the brown sugar and cinnamon highlight the spices and depth of flavor in our Sol. It’s a great cocktail for entertaining; it’s quite a crowd-pleaser, and it is easy to batch into a pitcher or punch bowl.*

Sweet Sol SourSweet Sol Sour (255x300)

1½ oz Cranberry Juice
½ oz Brown Sugar Syrup (2:1 light brown sugar to water, simmered for 1 min)
½ oz Fresh Lemon Juice
Dash of Ground Cinnamon
Shake ingredients with ice. Strain into chilled old fashioned glass. Garnish with a swath of orange peel.
* When batching cocktails, taste as you mix it. You may have to balance the proportions a bit, and you may need a bit less cinnamon or a bit more lemon juice to find the “sweet spot.”