It’s officially Negroni Week, and bartenders and home cocktail enthusiasts around the world are making, serving and celebrating the deliciously bitter Negroni. In past years, bars all [...]


Every year when summer rolls around people start asking us for this cocktail, and for good reason! It’s a refreshing, cool drink with fresh summer flavors, and easy to jazz up with whatever [...]


Spiced apple is back on our new fall menu, and to celebrate we’ve brought back a cocktail that’s a fall favorite in our tasting room! This autumnal take on the classic mule pairs our [...]


Now that summer is officially here, we’re exploring simple twists on a summertime favorite – the G&T. This one adds some fresh muddled cucumber, with a bit of lime too: Cucumber [...]

North Shore Café

Did you know that we are now serving cold brewed coffee in the Tasting Room? While it is pretty great on its own, we couldn’t help but add some of our delicious booze to it (shocking, I [...]

Swedish Spice

This cocktail is spicy in all the right ways – the cinnamon really pops the warm spice in our aquavit and the ginger beer adds just the right kick. It’s easy and so drinkable! SWEDISH [...]

Spiced Toddy

Brrr… it’s about time for some hot drinks!  Here’s a spicy one perfect for curling up with a book on a cold, cold, lazy day. Ahhh… Spiced Toddy 2 oz Aquavit – [...]

Norwegian Bear Hug

I guess we have to admit that Autumn is upon us.  We love this cocktail for fall, the sweet spice notes in the honey play beautifully with the savory spices in our Aquavit – Private [...]

Norwegian Spring

Here is a lovely, slightly savory, cocktail. Dill is a classic pairing with aquavit, and the cucumber brightens it up. This is a great cocktail to pair with food, too. It’s perfect with [...]

Nordic Old Fashioned

The turn of the season is upon us, and I’ve got just the cocktail for it. It’s a savory and delicious riff on an classic Old Fashioned. We’re using our Aquavit – Private [...]