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It’s June, which means two things … Midsommar is coming up, and our Drink of the Month is featuring Aquavit – Private Reserve! This month’s cocktail is a tiff on the Spanish-style G&T, which is notable for its striking look, filled with fun, colorful garnishes. 

The Midsommar Tonic is full of fizzy layers — it swaps out gin for Aquavit, the traditional Scandinavian spirit, pairing its deep spice notes with the uniquely savory Bokamaro, intriguing elderflower, and bright lime.

Midsommar Tonic

2 oz Aquavit – Private Reserve
¾ oz Bokamaro
½ oz Fresh Lime Juice
½ oz Elderflower Syrup
3 Lime Wedges
3 slices of Cucumber

Squeeze 2 lime wedges into a goblet, then drop in with the cucumber slices. Then add Aquavit, Bokamaro, lime juice & elderflower syrup. Fill goblet with ice, then top with tonic water. Stir to combine ingredients, then garnish with a lime wedge on the rim of the glass.