Introducing Bokamaro!

Our 2023 Limited Release

This limited release is unlike anything we have ever made before. Bokamaro is savory and unexpected. It is an amazing white amaro-style liqueur, made with bok choy (a variety of cabbage), along with bitter melon, damiana, sarsaparilla and an array of citrus & spices. And, it was just written up in Chicago Magazine!

Bokamaro is the latest in a long line of sought-after limited releases that showcase our artistry & adventurous creativity. These limited releases are known for their unique character, delicious flavor and high quality. The first releases in 2006 were a Medjool Date Infusion and Ceylon Tea Infusion, which immediately captured the interest of spirits aficionados. Subsequent releases broadened the scope, branching beyond unique infusions into bottled cocktails (before it was cool!) and super-popular liqueurs like Fireside Orange and Silver Lining. Before Bokamaro, the most recent release was even more daring & unique — Ethel’s Eye of Newt Cordial was the first known mustard liqueur in the US, with rich savory layers of mustard, turmeric, garlic and dill.

Tasting Notes

Bokamaro leads with aromas of intriguing herbs, a touch of citrus and a surprisingly enjoyable note of fresh leafy vegetables. On first sip, it offers balanced notes of bok choy, fresh herbs, citrus and round bitter notes. Delicious as an after-dinner sip on its own, it also works extremely well in classic amaro cocktails, such as a White Negroni, Boulevardier or Spritz.

But….Why Cabbage?
“Why not?” is Derek’s simple reply. The concept for this spirit came from our master distiller’s interest in finding a way to use cabbage as a key ingredient. Derek and his team experimented with a wide range of cabbages before settling on bok choy. Bok choy (Cantonese for “white vegetable”) is native to China and has been part of Chinese cuisine for thousands of years. Prized for its bright green leaves and white stalks, it was introduced into the United States in the 1800s.

In addition to bok choy, Bokamaro also features several types of citrus, bitter melon, sarsaparilla, damiana leaf, quassia bark and cape aloe, to name a few of its unique ingredients. Bokamaro has a signature complexity that shines on its own, as well as in cocktails.
Bokamaro is made entirely from real ingredients – no flavorings, colorings or preservatives are used at North Shore Distillery. It is a lightly colored amaro, tinted only by the inclusion of cape aloe and quassia bark.

Finding Bokamaro

Bokamaro is available at the distillery, at Binny’s stores around Chicago, and at select other fine retailers (Antioch Fine Wine & Spirits in Antioch, Gold Eagle in Libertyville, Lago Enoteca in Libertyville, and others). Gold Eagle in Libertyville is also shipping it within Illinois! Bokamaro is also available at select retailers in Missouri and Indiana.

Only 662 bottles of this limited release were produced. Each bottle is hand numbered, and once these bottles are sold, there will be no more available and no more will be made. As with past limited releases — once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Bokamaro is 30% alcohol by volume (60 proof)