Chai Fizz

A few weeks ago, we featured the Dullahan’s Dream with a delicious chai syrup we’ve been using in the Tasting Room. Here’s another great drink for the season – it’s [...]

Edens Fire

We’re so excited to be pouring our newest limited spirit* at the Tasting Room! Say hello to FIRESIDE Orange. Much more than an ordinary orange liqueur, FIRESIDE features an intriguing, [...]

Sailor Mercury

This week’s drink is a variation on a classic formula for the Sidecar, as well as the White Lady. We love the savory depth our Aquavit  adds to this cocktail, and using our delightful Oaked [...]

Bishop’s Bounty

The ginger is a nice autumn surprise in this cocktail. It looks beautiful but it tastes even better! It’s a complex cocktail that pleases many palates and is a great addition to your [...]

Karin’s Gimlet

We had a Ginger Gimlet on our cocktail menu here at the distillery this summer, and one of our frequent visitors, named Karin, loved that cocktail. One time, she noticed we had some blueberries [...]

(Old) Old Fashioned

While this classic cocktail is generally associated with whiskey these days, the Old Fashioned is one of, and maybe The oldest cocktails and has been made with just about every spirit around. [...]

Cranberry Collins

Last week at the annual Spirits of Ravenswood event, we featured a great cocktail for fall. The Cranberry Collins is a real crowd pleaser – the ginger plays beautifully with our botanically [...]

Norwegian Bear Hug

I guess we have to admit that Autumn is upon us.  We love this cocktail for fall, the sweet spice notes in the honey play beautifully with the savory spices in our Aquavit – Private [...]

Dullahan’s Dream

This past weekend, I updated our cocktail menu with a range of new cocktails for the new season. Gone are the cucumber, hot pepper, and muddled fruit drinks of summer, replaced by pumpkin, apple, [...]

Classic Daiquiri

We’ve been quietly distilling and aging rum for years, and we’ve been pouring rum cocktails in the Tasting Room for a while now. This is one of our perennial favorites! A proper [...]

Thai Tom Collins

Making syrup is a great way to preserve summer herbs from the garden, but it’s silly to store them away! Kick up a fancy Tom Collins, it’s a super refreshing long drink, perfect for [...]

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