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Boozy Snow Cone Night Returns – July 25th!

Join us July 25th for the return of our friend Melissa Yen at Jo Snow Syrups, we’ll be making some great new snow cone and cocktail recipes featuring her latest syrup creations. We are playing with recipes featuring her Strawberry Mint Balsamic, Blueberry Cilantro Serrano and Thai Coffee syrups, so expect to be wowed and […]

Distillery Gardening – July 2014

Wow, has time flown by since my first post about the distillery garden. Here’s an update on how things are going: Kentucky Colonel Mint¬†- doing quite well – huge! It was attacked by leaf hoppers for a brief time, but they seem to be gone now (thankfully). Honeydew Melon Sage¬†- ¬†also growing like crazy. Has […]

Indian Sommer

SommerWeizen was a collaborative effort among our team, and the same can be said for this great cocktail! We featured this drink in our tasting room last weekend, and it was extremely popular (we had to restock on mango juice twice!). Pairing the great flavors of SommerWeizen with mango created a deliciously sippable concoction: Indian […]

Sommer Shandy

We had a great time introducing our new limited release, SommerWeizen, to old and new friends this past weekend! ¬†It will start showing up in bars, restaurants and stores in the coming weeks. ¬†The first cocktail we served with it was simple and delicious. You can find more cocktails for it here, or enjoy a: […]

SommerWeizen – Our 2014 Limited Release!

We are thrilled to announce our 2014 limited release spirit, SommerWeizen!¬†This amazing spirit is (finally) making its first appearance in July 2014. About SommerWeizen Inspired by friends in the brewing world, our distilling team created an abstract interpretation of that classic summer staple, the Hefeweizen beer. Rather than simply distilling a beer, we distilled hops […]

Bebbo’s Baby

Our cocktail this week is a “riff on a riff” of a classic cocktail. We call it Bebbo’s Baby. It descends from the Bee’s Knees, a classic cocktail from Prohibition days composed of gin, fresh lemon juice, and honey. “Bee’s knees” was flapper slang for awesome. The Bebbo cocktail came onto the scene shortly after, […]

July 3rd Special Event – Limited Release Party!

Each year, we put out an incredible, original, single-batch spirit that is unlike anything anyone has made before, and this year’s is no exception. We are thrilled to announce the first public pouring event for our 2014 Limited Release – SommerWeizen. ¬†Join us on Thursday, July 3rd 4 to 9 pm We’ll have samples available, […]

Eden’s Prayer

We created this drink last winter, taking inspiration from the Cosmopolitan recipe but swapping out several ingredients. We’ve recently brought it back due to popular demand – we‚Äôve already had several people¬†come in asking for it, some of whom heard about this drink from friends who¬†said it‚Äôs the best cocktail they have ever had! The […]

Strawberry Basil Smash

After such a long winter, we are absolutely ransacking the farmers market for fresh produce to use in¬†our cocktails. The sweet, local strawberries have arrived and while mint is the most traditional element in a Smash, we also love to use basil from the distillery garden (which is coming along nicely, more on that in […]

Sunshine, Moonshine and Charity @ NSD

Our Distillery Dog, Sunshine If you’ve ever visited us, you know we have a distillery dog, Sunshine. We adopted her from Save-A-Pet in Grayslake, where she spent nine years of her life. She had been brought in as a puppy, and had a bite on her record (the report was that she nipped a¬†child¬†who hit […]

Springtime Shrub

A few years back, I started making shrub syrups for drinking, and for cocktails. Shrubs were a popular way in colonial times (and beyond) to preserve fruit that might otherwise spoil. Folks didn’t have refrigerators yet, so this was a common problem – jams and jellies were one solution, and shrubs were another. Essentially, in […]
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