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Ground rules for our 3rd Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt:

Day/Time and Entries

  • The hunt will begin at 4:00 pm on Saturday 3/30, hunters must begin their search by 4:45 pm or be disqualified. The Hunt ends at 5:15 pm.
  • The hunt will be limited to 50 participants total, maximum, and participants must purchase a ticket to participate (50% of which goes to Orphans of the Storm, a great local animal shelter).

Collecting Eggs

  • Each hunter may collect up to 10 eggs total, plus up to 4 bonus eggs that can be earned (see below). Eggs can be found in various places throughout the tasting room.
  • There will be *one* special egg hidden that contains very special prizes.
  • There will be no eggs hidden behind the bar, nor in the bathrooms, nor in any cabinets marked “no eggs.”
  • Each hunter should bring a basket or other vessel to collect eggs; we will have some bowls available to borrow.

Bonus Eggs

  • There will be four ways to earn eggs beyond finding them in hiding places, including (maximum of one time per person, per method allowed):
    • Complete the bonus crossword puzzle and bring it to us on Saturday (find it here, will also be sent to ticket purchasers)
    • Find an egg that contains the word “Trivia,” then find Sonja during the hunt and successfully answer a trivia question
    • Correctly guess the spirit in a blind tasting with Derek
    • Bring a donation item for Orphans of the Storm from their current wish list

Raffle for Prizes

  • At 5:15 pm, we’ll have a raffle drawing for those who found a raffle ticket! The prizes will include a distillery gift certificate, a beautiful handmade wood box, and other distillery merch & prizes.

Final note: This is intended to be fun and light-hearted, not super competitive, so please come with that intention!

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