With the summer heat upon us, we’ve been making boozy freezer pops and popsicles again. We’ve revisited some past favorites (still love that strawberry lemon drop one!), and also some [...]

Dreamsicle Pop

Mmmm… two dreamy recipes this week for our last official week of boozy frozen treats! This one is great as a popsicle or freezer pop (check out our tips for frozen cocktails), and a bonus, [...]

Boozy Frozen Treat Tips

We’ve been having a lot of fun making boozy frozen treats this summer. So much so, in fact, that we’re planning to feature a new boozy freezer pop or popsicle every week at our [...]

Sol and Tonic Popsicle

Yup. We’re doing it. We’re making boozy popsicles. And frozen drinks. And grown up ice pops… And we’re doing it all month for the month of July. Since June has been all [...]