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Here’s another great Gin and Tonic that really highlights mid summer flavors. Vibrant citrus, sweet berries, and crisp vegetal notes come together beautifully in the tonic. With all that flavor swimming around, we like a bold gin. Our Mighty gin is up to the task and our summer of tonics marches on.

Summer Tonic #2

1½ oz Mighty Gin
1 Orange & 2 Lemon Swaths
6 berries (Blue, Black, or Rasp – whatever you have on hand)
2 Slices of Fresh Bell Pepper (or Jalapeno, if you want some added kick)
Fever Tree Tonic
Squeeze swaths into a goblet and drop in, then add berries and peppers. Add gin and  fill glass with ice, then add tonic and stir gently.