August may be on the tail end of the dog days of summer, but the month brings enough hot weather to remind us that it’s not quite fall yet. This drink is a deliciously fizzy sipper [...]


The summer days are indeed drifting away, but it looks like on the North Shore we get to enjoy another warm weekend before the autumn chill sets in. This cocktail is a perfect match for days like [...]


Warm weather calls for a bright, fizzy cocktail that’s easy to put together and delightful to sip on a hot day, so this style of drink is perfect for summer cocktailing! There’s a reason [...]


It’s become a summer tradition here at North Shore Distillery to include some sort of riff on a Spanish-style Gin & Tonic on our summer menu. We always have a great time playing around [...]


Our drink of this week was a huge hit at Chicago Gourmet, the annual festival of fantastic food & drink here in Chicago in late September. This year, we teamed up with the fine folks at Rishi [...]

Grapefruit G&T

Here’s another awesome Tonic for our Summer of Tonics series. Since it’s still hot out around here, we figured we’d keep the summer party going. The ingredient list may look [...]

Summer Tonic #2

Here’s another great Gin and Tonic that really highlights mid summer flavors. Vibrant citrus, sweet berries, and crisp vegetal notes come together beautifully in the tonic. With all that [...]