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The weather here on the North Shore is taking a turn for the cold and snowy as we speak, so we’re going with a hot drink. We’ve posted a number of riffs on the classic hot cocktail in the past, but this winter we’re keeping it classic with the original recipe. It’s the ultimate cozy cocktail, with warming spice, bright lemon, and layers of depth from whatever spirit you’d like to add – we’ve tried gin, whiskey and vodka.

You can adjust this one to suit your mug size – ours are pretty big, so we’ve got a good amount of spirit in there! Stay warm out there, friends.

Classic Hot Toddy

2 oz Gin No. 6 (or Twisted Citrus Vodka or Malt Whiskey or American Whiskey)
1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
1½ oz Honey Simple
Hot Water

Add first 3 ingredients to a mug (this recipe is based on a 12 oz mug) and top with hot water. Garnish with a wheel of lemon, and a cinnamon stick if you have one on hand.