2023 American Malt Whiskey

Tasting Notes
This American single malt whiskey exemplifies the style and flavor profile of a superior pot-distilled malt whiskey. Our 2023 blend has a rich nose with hints of honey, heather and pear. On the palate, it leads with delicate notes of apricot, finishing with a perfectly layered combination of honey, malt, and jasmine. Smooth, incredibly sippable, and soooo delicious.

This spirit it only available at the distillery currently.

Production Notes
For this whiskey, we started with 100% malted barley. We fermented the grain in-house with a proprietary yeast blend, and then single pot distilled through Ethel the Still. Then, we filled some full-size used bourbon barrels with it, and let them sit in our distillery on our house-made racking system.

The latest edition has again been made with a blend of our aged barrels – the youngest in the mix is 7 years old.

North Shore American Malt Whiskey (2023 edition) is 43% alcohol by volume (86 proof)


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