American Whiskey

(Bourbon Style)

Tasting Notes
This delicious whiskey is our take on bourbon, and has evolved over the years. Our latest edition has rich, smooth notes of bold spice, oak and vanilla and is lively on the palate, with a round, layered finish.

This spirit is now available, currently only at the distillery.

Production Notes
This spirits meets all of the criteria to be called bourbon, save for one – a portion of it has been aged in used bourbon barrels rather than new ones. For this whiskey, we started with a combination of corn and rye, which we ferment in-house. Then, we distill through Ethel the Still, and age this spirit in a variety of new and used bourbon casks. We only use full-sized barrels, and we let them sit for at least 5 years in our custom racking system before we consider them for inclusion in a blend of this whiskey. We blend from our own stock to create our signature style.

The latest edition has again been made with a blend of our aged barrels – the youngest in the mix is 5 years old, and some of the whiskey is quite a bit older.

North Shore American Whiskey is 45% alcohol by volume (90 proof)