Simply put, this is the best citrus vodka you’ll ever taste, if we do say so ourselves.  Brand new as of December 2020, this is an update to our late, great Sol Chamomile Citrus as part of our 2020 rebranding and packaging updates. We worked on these updates for almost all of 2020, and are thrilled with the outcome. Twisted Citrus has bright, fresh, authentic citrus flavors from the fresh oranges, lemons and limes we infuse and distill into the spirit.

Tasting Notes:

  • Sunshine in a glass, with bright, fresh citrus notes – it’s delicious for sipping, and also for mixing
  • Layers of fresh orange, lemon and lime in a crisp, smooth spirit

Production Notes:

  • Starting from a base of our North Shore Vodka, Twisted Citrus is infused and distilled with real, fresh citrus fruit peels; we use oranges, lemons and limes, achieving a round, versatile citrus profile with accents of each type of fruit
  • This spirit is made in small batches by hand – the citrus fruits are washed and peeled by hand as well, to ensure we get use only the best parts of the fruits
  • We use no additives or flavorings of any kind – it’s just pure, delicious vodka infused and distilled with fresh citrus fruit

Drink Ideas:

  • Try it in any drink calling for citrus vodka, or even those calling for a lighter style of gin.  Many cocktail bars carry it, sometimes as their only flavored vodka, because of its versatility for cocktails.
  • Great with tonic or soda (or bitter lemon soda), or simply on the rocks with a swath of orange peel.  Check our cocktail database for more great ideas!

North Shore Twisted Citrus Vodka is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)