In Malt Whiskey Recipes

As you probably know, we love a well-made, balanced cocktail here in our tasting room, but when we create our spirits we take care that they are both delicious to mix in cocktails and delicious all on their own. So this week our Drink of the Week is a little different – and quite easy to make! We’re highlighting the newest release of our American Malt Whiskey, which we’ll be celebrating all weekend with fun snacks & treats, music & more at our 2022 Malt Whiskey Release.

This whiskey demonstrates the style and flavor profile we look for in a superior pot-distilled malt whiskey. Our 2022 blend has a rich nose with hints of honey and apricot – on the palate, it leads with smooth notes of honey, hints of hazelnut and pear, with touches of minerality and oak on a round, layered finish.

Whiskey, Neat

1½ – 2 oz NS Malt Whiskey

Pour whiskey into a rocks glass or a whiskey dram glass, if you have one. If you enjoy your spirits chilled, drop in an ice cube – otherwise enjoy!