As an artisan distillery, we are often experimenting with new ideas for spirits and cocktails, and we take pride in our innovations and creativity. Occasionally, this process results in something worth sharing. Since our first year, we have been releasing periodic single-batch spirits, which we call our Limited Releases – each has developed a cult following, and has been something totally unique. In addition, we occasionally release small runs of unique, delicious spirits that are only available at the distillery.

A few years ago, we started a new tradition of making a seasonal curaçao-style orange liqueur. Curaçao is a specific style of orange liqueur, classically made with a variety of oranges, including bitter oranges (such as the Laraha, which are native to the island of Curaçao, or Seville oranges, which were planted on Curaçao by Spanish settlers). The fundamental orange notes will be the constant – everything else will change each year. Our current edition (only available at the distillery) is deliciously different, with a base of orange brandy. Past editions have included Beehive Curaçao, Cocoa Curaçao and Vacation Curaçao.

Limited Release Spirits

Many years, we release a single batch of a really unique, original spirit – something no one has made before. We’ve released many spirits this way, going back to our second year of operations. Our next one has been released – Bokamaro!

Distiller’s Series Spirits

Occasionally we make a small batch of something really delicious, and we bottle it up to share. These products are often made only once, or on a limited basis, and are only available at the distillery. For example, the most recent release was Kümmel, a lesser known liqueur with caraway as a dominant flavor.