The latest edition of our seasonal curaçao

Get ready to meet your new beverage obsession! We’ve created a decadent spirit for your wintertime sipping enjoyment (and a fun cocktail ingredient too) –  it’s sure to delight your friends and family while livening up your liquor cabinet.

With Cocoa Curaçao, we’re continued our new annual tradition – a special orange liqueur for the winter season. Each year, we will introduce a new take on a delicious curaçao inspired by our current passions. Curaçao is a specific style of orange liqueur, classically made with a variety of sweet and bitter oranges.

For this, our second edition, we hunted down some of the best cacao available, and infused and distilled it with a variety of orange peels to create our lovely new liqueur. As we do with everything we make, we experimented with a wide range of cacao bean sources and processing methods, and matched them with a variety of sweet and bitter orange peel combinations, to arrive at exactly the right blend of flavors. You can trust that each bottle is meticulously filled full of flavor and creativity, mixed with our passion for great spirits.

Cocoa Curaçao is a delicious sipping liqueur – an adult version of one our favorite flavor combinations – chocolate with bright orange. It also happens to be great in cocktails too, of course.

Tasting Notes:

This spirit has rich yet refined aromas of orange and chocolate, with intriguing, layered flavors of bright orange with deep chocolate undertones. It is sweet, yet balanced, and extremely sippable.

Drink Ideas:

Cocoa Curaçao makes a delicious after-dinner sipper on its own or over ice. It also plays incredibly well with rums, whiskeys and vodkas. Find some great recipes for it on our website here.

Cocoa Curaçao is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)

Finding Cocoa Curaçao

As of early December 2020, we have a very small amount of this spirit at the distillery, and you may see it here and there around the Chicago area. Since it is nearly gone, it’s something you’ll want to pick up if you see it!