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This drink was supposedly invented at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, a private club founded by some officers in the British military who were stationed there. It’s a great cocktail, and one of the ones featured in our Tiki Taco Tuesday menu tonight.

It’s cold and snowy outside, so why not celebrate a great cocktail that evokes a warmer time & place?

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Cocktail

2 oz Bourbon Cask Rum
¾ oz Fresh Lime Juice
½ oz Orange Liqueur (we use our housemade one, or Cointreau)
½ oz Falernum (we use BG Reynolds brand)
¼ oz Demerara Simple

Shake ingredients with ice; strain into a chilled coupe glass, and garnish with a lime wedge. Sometimes we add to the garnish – tonight we’ll be serving it in a different glass, and adding an orange peel as well.

Just for fun, here’s a post about this drink on a German website called “Positive Drinking” – we like their picture better, but with 10″ of snow outside right now, we figured it might be out of place as our main picture for this drink.  See what you think:

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