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The weather here on the North Shore is taking a turn for the cold and snowy as we speak, so we’re going with a hot drink. We don’t want to hype this drink up too much, but … some have told us it’s the best hot toddy they’ve ever had.

Essentially it’s a riff on a classic hot toddy, with some added layers from cranberry, orange & spice. You can adjust this one to suit your mug size – ours are pretty big, so we’ve got a good amount of spirit in there!

Stay warm out there, friends.

Holiday Hot Toddy

2 oz North Shore Spirit of Choice (we’ve tried Twisted Citrus Vodka, Gin No. 6, Gin No. 11, and American Whiskey)
1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
1½ oz Cranberry Simple
Hot Water

Add ingredients to mug, then top with hot water. Stir & garnish with an orange slice or a cinnamon stick.