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If you’ve ever been to the distillery for drinks, you know we love to shake up some great, complex cocktails here – the more ingredients, the merrier. But sometimes it’s nice to pare things down and have a drink that’s low-effort but still tastes amazing. Enter the Distiller’s Screwdriver!

Whether you’ve had a long day with work and are looking for something quick to enjoy, or looking for something to really highlight the spirit, this cocktail is a great option. This drink is a creation of our Master Distiller Derek (hence the name) – he’s mostly been known to drink vodka on the rocks, but recently has been enjoying this drink too! It’s made with North Shore Vodka and our newest holiday release, Vacation Curaçao – this curaçao has bright orange notes with accents of tropical fruit and aged rum tones, and brings new excitement to this riff on a classic drink.

Distiller’s Screwdriver

1½ oz Vacation Curaçao
1½ oz North Shore Vodka
½ oz Fresh Orange Juice (or more to taste, if desired)

Add ingredients to a rocks glass over ice, then stir. Garnish with an orange peel.