Vacation Curaçao (Seasonal Release)




One bottle of our newest seasonal release (our 375 ml edition is sold out, but the 750 ml is still available)!

We could certainly use a vacation, and we figured you could too. Unfortunately, there isn’t one on the horizon anytime soon for most of us. So, we created a liquid vacation – meet Vacation Curaçao! For this edition of our seasonal curaçao, we wanted something tropical and delicious, so we started with a batch of our aged rum. We infused and distilled in a variety of orange peels, and a few very light accents of spice.

This spirit is fantastic for sipping after dinner, for mixing into tropical cocktails or hot toddies, and even for mixing with whiskey or aged rum for a delicious winter sipper like no other.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to ship or deliver – this item MUST BE PICKED UP at the distillery. We will send you an email when your order is ready for pickup!

PS, just so you know – if you buy 6 bottles of our spirits (mix/match), you’ll get 10% off. If you buy 12 bottles, you’ll get 15% off. And this product qualifies for the discount!