With the summer heat upon us, we’ve been making boozy freezer pops and popsicles again. We’ve revisited some past favorites (still love that strawberry lemon drop one!), and also some new ones, too. Here’s the recipe for our Watermelon Mint Freezer Pops, as well as our Spicy Tom & Tonic freezer pop.

It’s very fun to freeze carbonated ingredients into popsicles – the texture of the popsicle is fun, and is definitely different from ones that did not involve carbonated ingredients. For best results, we recommend making freezer pops rather than popsicles with carbonated ingredients, since you have a way to seal in the bubbles. You want to be sure to leave plenty of head space in those ones, or they will burst out of the package after freezing.

You can find some other great tips for making boozy popsicles here and another great recipe here.

Watermelon Mint Freezer Pops 

Makes 6-8 popsicles

6 oz North Shore Vodka
10 oz fresh Watermelon Juice (see note below)
4 oz Simple Syrup (to taste, dep on watermelon juice)
2 oz Fresh Lime Juice (to taste)
24 leaves fresh mint (we used a blend of classic mint and chocolate mint)

Muddle mint with vodka, allow it to sit for a few minutes to extract the minty goodness. Add the remaining ingredients, and stir well. Fine strain out the mint, then pour mixture into popsicle molds or freezer pop molds immediately, stirring often. Freeze.


  • If you like them a little chunky, add a few small chunks of fresh watermelon to each popsicle before freezing.
  • To make the watermelon juice, muddle or puree some fresh, ripe watermelon, then run it through a strainer to remove the pulp.

Spicy Tom & Tonic Freezer Pops

Makes 3-4 popsicles

3 oz Scofflaw Old Tom Gin
11 oz Tonic Water
Fresh Jalapeno or other Chili Pepper

Muddle a few slices of pepper with the gin (to desired spice level, bearing in mind it will get hotter once frozen). Filter out jalapeno (unless you want them super spicy), add tonic, and stir. Pour into molds and freeze.