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This week, we’re featuring one of the new drinks from our summer cocktail menu. We are growing chocolate mint for the season, and a drink was floating around in my head that involved our Tahitian Vanilla Vodka, fresh berries, and chocolate mint. In the end, I added a bit of lemon, and a touch of cream, and ended up with a delicious end-of-the-night type of drink (a liquid dessert, if you will). It’s on the sweeter side, but balanced with the fresh citrus and mint notes. In the end, it reminded me a bit of melted Neapolitan ice cream, so I used that idea in the drink name.

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2-4 Berries (works with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries – looking for the equivalent of 3 large blackberries overall in size) – cut if larger
½ oz Fresh Lemon
½ oz Simple Syrup
4-5 leaves Chocolate Mint (if you don’t have it but are in our area, stop by and we’ll give you some!)

1¾ oz Tahitian Vanilla Vodka
¾ oz Cream or Half & Half

Shake with ice. Double strain into a coupe glass (to remove seeds). Garnish with a sprig of chocolate mint or a berry slice/skewer.