Gin No. 6 Wins Gold Again!

This delicious, award-winning gin is available only in the Midwest, yet is beloved worldwide for its delicious, layered, sophisticated flavors.

Gin No. 6 for Martinis, Sipping & Cocktails

This gin is fantastic for sipping or a classic Martini — in fact, it was just named one of the worlds’ best gins for a Martini in an April 2022 competition!

Gin No. 6 is a smooth, rich gin with juniper, fresh lemon peel, balanced spice notes and a touch of floral, with a long, nuanced finish. It’s also great in other cocktails – find some of our favorites here.

Get Some Gin!

This gin is available at the best retail shops and bars around the Midwest. Order online from INTERNET WINES for shipping to you, or for home delivery from DRIZLY or SCHAEFER’S (Chicagoland only). Here’s a map of our retail partners around the Midwest: