Updated December 10, 2020

Earlier this year, we took on the goal of revisiting and diving deep into all of our spirits, to see if they can tell our story in a better way. Of course, we would like to tell you that they are already perfect, but we all know that perfection is an elusive standard. So, we focused on making sure our spirits best reflect who we are as a distillery. And, since we now have a few years of experience under our belts (both in distilling and in life), we thought our extra insights would help the process.

This has meant that we are revamping most of our labels, and in some cases, tweaking our recipes. In the end, our goal is an exciting new look to our spirits that reflects the artistry and craftsmanship that we have always taken pride in, expressed more fully than ever before. For those of you who have known us all these years, we think you will quickly see how our passion and personalities are even more explicitly expressed in each bottle.

New Twisted Citrus Vodka – December 2020!

Our Sol Chamomile Citrus Vodka was always a top seller in our tasting room, but it just didn’t sell very well away from the distillery. There were several reasons for this, and we decided to truly step back and revisit everything about it and reflect on what makes it great. The result is North Shore Twisted Citrus Vodka. This spirit is a truly bright, fresh, delicious citrus vodka with notes of fresh orange, lemon and lime. We kept the fresh fruits, and reduced the emphasis on  chamomile and other accents slightly, and we renamed and revamped the label in a Pop Art style, like our other vodkas. We are loving how well it works in cocktails, and how sippable it is, too – we hope you’ll love it as well!

Meet the New North Shore Vodka – December 2020!

Our delicious straight vodka has taken on a bold new look, starting in December 2020!

North Shore Vodka is one of the first two spirits we made, and is still one of our best-loved. It is a clean, bright spirit that has all the qualities you would expect from a top shelf vodka – clean, smooth and crisp with a velvety texture.  It is extremely sippable by itself or in a Vodka Martini, it also adds great dimension to a wide range of cocktails. We didn’t change a think about the bottle contents – instead, we only updated the outside. For the vodka label, we took inspiration from the Pop Art movement, and artists like Andy Warhol.

Meet the New Gin No. 11 – September 2020!

Our Classic Dry Gin has taken on a classic new look, starting in September 2020!

With Gin No. 11, we created a clean, bright spirit that evokes the quintessential nature of gin – fresh juniper, hints of citrus and spice, and a crisp, clean texture. Gin No. 11 exemplifies the best gins from the heyday of gin, the late 1800s and early 1900s.

In the design of its new look, we took inspiration from Impressionists, specifically from the still life paintings of that era, such as those by Paul Cezanne. Of course, the subject of our still life painting was a Martini rather than fruit.

The gin inside is even better than before. We made a very slight adjustment to the recipe. It is unmistakably Gin No. 11, just a bit brighter than before.

Meet the New Gin No. 6 – July 2020!

Our Modern Dry Gin has taken on a modern, new look starting in July 2020.

Taking inspiration from one of our favorite modern artists, Piet Mondrian, we have a bold and expressive look with pops of color, both balanced and intentional – much like the spirit itself.

The gin inside is even better than before. A slight twist of the recipe and a touch higher proof gives Gin No, 6 a brighter, dynamic flavor without sacrificing the complexity and satisfying symphony of flavors that this gin has always had. It is unmistakably Gin No. 6, just taken to a new level.

Coming Up Next – Early 2021

The next change you will see will be in our Aquavit – Private Reserve. Stay tuned! As we continue into the new year, our whole family of spirits will be showing off who they are and what they represent, in brand new and exciting ways. We can’t wait to share them with you.