Simply put, this is the best citrus vodka you’ll ever taste, if we do say so ourselves.  It has bright, fresh, authentic citrus flavors from fresh fruit, with hints of chamomile blossoms.  We worked on this one for several years to get it just right, but we finally did it!

Tasting Notes:

  • “This infused vodka is delicious, smooth, and citrus-fragrant, and has none of the fakey-fruit sweetness that derails many flavored vodkas.” – Cooking Light Magazine, naming it Artisanal Spirit of the Year
  • “Clear with a nickel cast. Interesting aromas of candied lemon and orange peels, delicate herbs and dried flowers with a very soft, lightly tannic, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a citrus gelatin candy, faint chamomile tea, peppercorn and grassy earth finish with pleasing warmth. Nice combination of delicacy and vibrancy that will pop well in cocktails.” – Beverage Testing Institute, awarding 91 Points/Exceptional Rating
  • “This spirit boasts innovative ingredients that proved to mesh and yield a highly aromatic vodka of exceptional quality. The potpourri of ingredients features oranges, limes, lemons and fresh chamomile, which are individually noticeable and form a new bouquet together. The nuances of the citrus come in layers engulfed by the perfumed floral aromas of the chamomile.” –, naming Sol to their 10 Best Flavored Vodkas list

Production Notes:

  • Starting from a base of our North Shore Vodka, Sol is infused and distilled with fresh citrus fruit – oranges, lemons and limes, along with chamomile blossoms and subtle accents of additional herbs
  • Made in small batches by hand – the citrus fruits are washed and peeled by hand as well, to ensure we get use only the best parts of the fruits
  • We use no additives or flavorings of any kind – it’s just pure, delicious vodka infused with fruits & herbs

Drink Ideas:

  • Try it in any drink calling for citrus vodka, or even those calling for a lighter style of gin.  Many cocktail bars carry it, sometimes as their only flavored vodka, because of its versatility for cocktails.
  • Great with tonic or soda (or bitter lemon soda), or simply on the rocks with a swath of orange peel.  Check our cocktail database for more great ideas.

Sol Chamomile Citrus Vodka is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)