In Scofflaw Old Tom Gin Recipes

Our Tasting Room team recently had a great time visiting Scofflaw in Logan Square, which inspired us to use Scofflaw Old Tom Gin in our drink this week. The Tom Collins is a classic summer drink, and it’s also an easy drink to jazz up with a variety of flavors. Herbal and fruit flavors are classic, but this week we picked rhubarb!

Rhubarb Collins

2 oz Scofflaw Old Tom Gin
¾ oz Fresh Lemon Juice
½ oz Rhubarb Simple*
Club Soda

Shake first three ingredients with ice; strain into ice-filled Collins glass. Top with club soda & garnish with a lemon twist. Cheers!

*Rhubarb simple – simmer in 8″ per cup of fresh chopped rhubarb for 6-7 mins, then cool & mash rhubarb. Grate in a few inches of additional fresh rhubarb after cooling with a microplaner, then strain the syrup & refrigerate.

If you make your rhubarb syrup and the finished product needs to be a little punchier, just grate some more fresh rhubarb into it.