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The holiday festivities continue at North Pole Distillery! We created a whole special menu of exciting, uniquely festive signature cocktails for the frosty North Pole crew. Comet’s Cocoa is a bit more complex than your usual boozy hot chocolate (we usually just make it with Tahitian Vanilla Vodka ourselves!) but it’s absolutely worth it.

Imagine a toasty warm winter dessert, with baked pear, rich chocolate, warm vanilla and delightful nuttiness. This hot chocolate is just that, in liquid form! Warning: you may not be able to stop with just one.

Comet’s Cocoa

2 oz Tahitian Vanilla Vodka
1 oz Pear Juice
1/2 oz Orgeat (Almond Syrup)
1 oz Half & Half
1 dash of Cinnamon
2 Tbsp Good Hot Cocoa Mix

Add ingredients to a mug (we usually use a 10-12 oz mug for this one) and then top with hot water. Stir well, then garnish with whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon.