Floral Flavors in Cocktails

Floral Flavors in Cocktails Every spring, we love incorporating floral flavors into our cocktails. Some of our spirits have floral accents already (hello, lavender in Gin No. 6!), and we can both [...]


One of my favorite drinks on a warm spring day is a classic gimlet. I’ve gotten into arguments over the years about how best to make a gimlet, and even over whether it’ll still be a [...]


This week’s Drink of the Week is Nick’s Summer Shrub. Named after our bartender who created this tasty beverage, this cocktail combines our Gin #6 with a house made strawberry-balsamic shrub [...]


This was a new cocktail for our last menu – a fun combination of our Sol Chamomile Citrus Vodka with our Sirène Absinthe Verte, which highlights the citrus and herbal notes in both spirits. [...]

Freyja’s Fizz

We served this great cocktail for the annual “Evening with Orchids” event at the Chicago Botanic Garden last week, and it was a huge hit! We like to highlight floral flavors for this [...]

Meyer Lemoncello

There are some challenges that come with the winter season, but also some great things. One of my favorites is citrus season – going to the produce section, seeing all the crazy cool fruits [...]

Dullahan’s Dream

This past weekend, I updated our cocktail menu with a range of new cocktails for the new season. Gone are the cucumber, hot pepper, and muddled fruit drinks of summer, replaced by pumpkin, apple, [...]