In Homemade Ingredients

There are some challenges that come with the winter season, but also some great things. One of my favorites is citrus season – going to the produce section, seeing all the crazy cool fruits that have come back into season, playing with new and old favorites in a variety of ways, and celebrating liquid sunshine in the form of citrus juice and cocktails.

Last year, I wrote about how I made Tangerinecello. It was delicious! This year, I decided to make Meyer Lemoncello, so it is in process now. Here are a few photos, as well as a recap of the recipe & process I have followed so far:


20160213_131734So far, I have used:
• 4 cups Neutral Grain Spirit (190 proof)
• 20 fresh, ripe Meyer Lemons
• 2 fresh lemons
• 3 cups White Sugar
• Water
• Two Clean glass infusion jar
• One Clean glass syrup holder
• Tools: Fruit peeler, paring knife, cutting board, citrus press or juicer, measuring cup

I prepared and washed the fruit, and then peeled all of them trying to avoid the pith. I used Derek’s handy dandy citrus peeler device for most of the peeling – it worked great!

20160213_131754I divided the peel between two quart-size mason jars, and added 2 cups of neutral spirit to each. That same day, I also made a syrup with the juice from all the fruit I peeled and sugar (1-1/2 cups sugar to 1 cup of juice), which I simmered for a couple of minutes. The syrup is in the fridge for safe-keeping until I’m ready for it.

Today (day 9 of my infusion process) I added 3/4 a cup of water to each jar and shook them up some more. I have a nice aroma going in there, but I am hoping for some more bright lemon flavor before I take out the peels.

I will report back!