In Aquavit Recipes

As the weather on the North Shore enters the ‘pleasantly warm’ stage of spring, we’re starting to lean towards the light, refreshing drinks that pair wonderfully with sunny days and warm weather. This week’s cocktail is new to our tasting room, but already seems like a quintessential addition to that cocktail genre! It layers notes of spice from the Aquavit with a hint of herbal mint and floral, citrusy and bittersweet from the amaro. Top it all off with a squeeze of lime and fizzy club soda.

Alpine Spritz

1 oz Aquavit – Private Reserve
1 oz Grand Poppy Amaro
¼ oz Mint Simple
¼ oz Fresh Lime Juice
Club Soda

Add ingredients to Collins glass over ice, then stir. Top with club soda, stir again, and garnish with a lime wedge.