Swedish Spice

This cocktail is spicy in all the right ways – the cinnamon really pops the warm spice in our aquavit and the ginger beer adds just the right kick. It’s easy and so drinkable! SWEDISH [...]

Monkey Gland

We love to create a creepy cocktail menu for Halloween at the Tasting Room and the Monkey Gland usually makes an appearance on it.  We also served it at a Prohibition-themed event in December, [...]

Movin on Up – Part 7

Things are coming along! We are now shooting for a grand opening the weekend of April 22-24, but we cannot yet officially confirm the date – stay tuned for further updates. As you may know, [...]

Freyja’s Fizz

We served this great cocktail for the annual “Evening with Orchids” event at the Chicago Botanic Garden last week, and it was a huge hit! We like to highlight floral flavors for this [...]

Movin On Up – Part 6

We are pressing on from the challenges of last week, and have gotten some things done this week. We have a brand spankin’ new gas meter now, and the heaters should soon be operational [...]

Silly Love Songs

Here’s a great late winter cocktail, it’s got warming spice for chilly weather but also bright cherry to herald the arrival of spring blossoms. The vanilla and cherry together are [...]

Movin’ on Up Part 5

Things are coming along, but we hit a few bumps this week and not much has changed from last week’s update. This kind of thing happens with projects like this, of course, but it creates [...]