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In honor of our new movie club, Reel Cocktails, we are featuring the signature drink of our first movie pick. In The Big Lebowski, the main character, The Dude, drinks White Russians almost exclusively (he does have a beer now and then too). He sometimes calls them Caucasians, and is flexible when no actual dairy products are available – he uses powdered non-dairy creamer in one instance.

For our Reel Cocktail Club meeting tonight, we’ll be serving a flight of White Russians – one with half and half (which is what he uses most often in the movie), one with heavy cream (which is what most cocktail books and websites suggest) and one with non-dairy creamer (since that one also appears in the movie). We made our own coffee liqueur, since we’re not allowed to use The Dude’s beloved Kahlua here.

White Russian

2 oz North Shore Vodka
1 oz Coffee Liqueur (he uses Kahlua, we made our own)
1 oz Half & Half or Heavy Cream

Fill an old-fashioned or rocks glass with ice; add vodka and coffee liqueur. Top with half & half/cream. Stir if desired, and enjoy.