In Recipe - Limited Releases

The mint in our distillery garden has been growing apace! It must be loving the recent weather. Since we have it available, we’re using all this abundant fresh mint in one of the true cocktail classics – The Smash. This drink can be made with almost any spirit – this week we’re using our bourbonesque-style whiskey, which is currently only available in our tasting room. This whiskey is made from a corn/rye mash, and aged several years in full-sized, used bourbon barrels. To make this drink at home, you can substitute a nice bourbon that has a bit of rye in it, or even a rye whiskey.

Whiskey Smash


6-8 Mint Leaves
½ oz Fresh Lemon
¾ oz Demerara Simple


2 oz Bourbonesque Whiskey

Muddle mint, lemon & demerara together. Add whiskey and shake ingredients with ice. Double-strain with a fine-strainer to remove the mint, & garnish with a mint sprig or a lemon twist.