In Recipe - North Shore Vodka

This cocktail will take you right to the beach – at least in your imagination! We love these flavor drops from Jo Snow to add a fun twist to a classic cocktail, and with our North Shore Vodka, a bit of lime and our favorite fizzy ginger beer, this drink will pair delightfully with the beautiful warm weather we’re starting to have – when it’s not raining! This cocktail is also available as one of our Quarantine Cocktail Kits this week.

Tropical Mule

1½ oz North Shore Vodka
Half a Lime
8 Drops Jo Snow Pineapple Hop Flavor Drops
Fever Tree Ginger Beer

Squeeze half a lime into copper mug, then fill with ice. Add vodka & flavor drops, then top with ginger beer. Adjust drops to taste, stir & garnish with a lime wedge & a pineapple wedge, if you have one. Cheers!