In Recipe - Aquavit - Private Reserve

Here is a great way to fancy up your coffee service at your next dinner party, or your next lazy Sunday brunch, for that matter.

We’ve written before about the great depth of spice our aquavit has, and just a touch of simple syrup here really brings it out. We often serve this coffee to a room of oohs and aahs at our cocktail pairing dinners – it is such a lovely presentation, and it pairs beautifully with rich chocolate or fruit desserts!

Aquavit Spiced Coffee

Aquavit Spiced Coffee

2 oz Aquavit-Private Reserve
1 oz Simple Syrup
4-5 oz Hot Coffee
Spiced Whipped Cream *

Combine first three ingredients in a mug and stir well. Top with whipped cream and enjoy! Sprinkle with additional ground spices if desired.

* prepare ahead some fresh cream with a dash of your favorite baking spices whipped in, or just throw a dash of spice on top of your whipped cream as you serve