Cocoa Curaçao


Taste Experience
Rich yet refined aromas of orange and chocolate, with intriguing, layered, bright orange flavors with deep chocolate undertones. Sweet, yet balanced, and extremely sippable.

How its Made
We hunted down some of the best cacao available, and infused and distilled it with a hand-selected variety of orange peels to create this lovely limited edition liqueur, which was sweetened with cane sugar at the final step.

Favorite Drinks
Great for sipping, and also for mixing - use it as you'd use any orange liqueur for a deliciously different cocktail. Find some favorite recipes in our cocktail section.

Cocoa Curaçao is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)

Osmanthus Cordial


Tasting Room Only - Limited
Occasionally we make something really special that we share on a limited basis, like this incredibly delicious liqueur. Only 100 bottles made, and it's nearly gone.

Tasting Notes
We created this liqueur using one botanical - the osmanthus flower. From a rural, mountainous region of China, osmanthus gives the liqueur bright fruity and floral tones.

Favorite Drinks
Great for sipping, and also for mixing. Works well with vodkas and gins, or topped with sparkling wine. Find some ideas in our cocktail section.

Osmanthus Cordial is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)