Like many of our fellow distilleries, we are making hand sanitizer. We are following the relevant government guidance and rules, and using the WHO’s recipe. In fact, we were the first distillery in the United States to complete the FDA’s registration process. In the interest of making it possible for more distilleries to follow the rules, do it right, and get through the FDA process, we even shared a guide for other distillers to get through the FDA process.

We are aiming to have hand sanitizer available as much as possible in our retail store and for pick-up ordering, and to supply it to local businesses when possible *ALL ORDERS MUST BE PICKED UP AT THE DISTILLERY*

Friday 5/15 Update

We are continuing to fill requests from local businesses, and routinely have sanitizer available on our website now. We are delighted that there are more avenues in our area to get hand sanitizer now, so the pressure is a bit less for us, and we’ll soon be able to return our focus to our real passion – making great spirits.

  • First Responders, Health Care, Senior Care, Funeral Home: If you are a first responder, health care worker, funeral home or work in a senior care facility, please reach out to us by email at team (at), and we will expedite your request.

Thanks everyone very much, and be well.