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Did you know that we are now serving cold brewed coffee in the Tasting Room? While it is pretty great on its own, we couldn’t help but add some of our delicious booze to it (shocking, I know…). This is the first coffee cocktail in the new space, but it won’t be the last.North Shore Cafe

Aquavit and coffee is a pairing we love; adding spicy ginger and a hint of smoky vanilla from Abbott’s bitters really rounds it out.

North Shore Café

1½ oz Aquavit – Private Reserve
¾ oz Housemade Cold-Brew Coffee Concentrate
¼ oz Fresh Lime Juice
1 Dash Abbott’s Bitters
Ginger Beer
Shake first four ingredients with ice, then strain into a tall glass filled with fresh ice. Top with ginger beer, stir briefly and garnish with a lime wedge.

Buzz, Buzz, Yum…