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The turn of the season is upon us, and I’ve got just the cocktail for it.

It’s a savory and delicious riff on an classic Old Fashioned. We’re using our Aquavit – Private ReserveAquavit Old Fashioned (225x300), and these rich bitters add another layer of complexity. It’s perfect for crisp afternoons watching the leaves turn.

Nordic Old Fashioned
2 oz Aquavit – Private Reserve
¼ oz Simple Syrup
5-6 drops of Chocolate/Mocha bitters (made by one of my colleagues, and unfortunately he’s not sharing the recipe – so you can use Angostura Bitters, Jerry Thomas Bitters or another Barrel Aged Bitters, if you have ’em)
Swath of orange peel

Muddle peel, bitters, and syrup in an old fashioned glass. Add aquavit and ice, stir well and serve.

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