American Malt


Limited Edition
Since 2008, we have been releasing this whiskey once a year - always on the Saturday closest to St. Patrick's Day. Since we took inspiration from the great pot-stilled whiskeys of Ireland to develop it, that seemed most appropriate.

2020 Release (March 14, 2020)
This year's release shows continued character development, and we're very excited about it. Smooth, round and well-balanced, with hints of fruit, heather, honey and tobacco.

How its Made
100% malted grain, which we fermented and distilled, then aged in full-sized used barrels (previously for bourbon). This year's release is a blend of 6 to 7 year old barrels.

North Shore American Malt is 44% alc. by vol. (88 proof)



Tasting Room Only (by the drink)
We've been making this whiskey for 10+ years, when we've had time. We expect to release some by the bottle in fall 2020 - for now, it's only available by the drink in our tasting room.

Tasting Notes
This whiskey has rich spice notes, a round texture and hints of spice and smoke. Extremely sippable and mixable.

How its Made
We ferment corn and rye, then distill and age for 4-6 years. This whiskey meets all the legal requirements to be called bourbon except one - a portion of it has been aged in used barrels. A stylistic choice on our part - allows a bit more of our artistry to show in the spirit.

This whiskey is 44% alc. by vol. (88 proof)