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Wow, update #9 already! It’s amazing what a journey this has been thus far, and how much more there is to do. We are very much looking forward to being through this process and moved in to our new location!

taping wallsDrywall, Drywall, Drywall

We have seen a lot of the gent who is doing the drywall work. We have all the new very tall walls in the distillery area, and all the newly repaired walls, removed walls, and a few new walls, in the tasting room.  He has been mudding and sanding those areas to get them ready for primer and paint.

Lots of Decisions Made

We’ve chosen the tile for the new bar area, paint colors, and carpeting for our little shop and the offices. We also made a Carpet Paint Tiledecision on the electrical plan, after additional consultations with the engineer, architects, electrician and general contractors. Much of the project, and timeline, are now out of our hands.

Lighted Outdoor Sign & Such

We have a really cool sign in the works for the wall above our entryway, and we just this week got approval from our Village for the sign. The sign company is picking up the permit tomorrow, and putting our sign into production at their factory (which is local) – hopefully we’ll have it up soon!

We are working on the rest of our signage plan, and we have some fun things in mind. This past weekend, Derek was able to figure out how to detach the old sign that had been in the front window – it was attached to a giant wood block, and seemed to have been attached to that block before it was put in the window. So, it was a bit of a feat to figure out how to get it down without taking out the entire block!

Green PaintOffice Painting

I’ve done a little bit of painting, mostly to get rid of the forest green walls in two of the offices. It was a more challenging painting job than most, because of the built-in desks, combined with high ceilings – the corners were a bit precarious! Luckily, it went fine – I ended up with some paint in my hair (normal for me), and only a few spots that need touching up.

We are Hiring!

Recruiting has been a focus area this past week, and will be for the next few weeks – we need to hire some new folks to help us staff our newly expanded tasting room. We have been fortunate to have been contacted by some great folks, and are cautiously optimistic that we’ll have a great team in place very soon. That being said, if you or someone you know is interested in joining us, please get in touch soon – here are the details (opens a .pdf)!