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We are learning a lot with this project, which is a nice way to say we’re still finding some stumbling blocks and challenges along the way, and are dealing with some difficult personalities.  And, Derek has had to learn a lot more about electrical systems and wiring in order to make sure we will actually have enough power to run our equipment before it is put in place – a critical issue for us, but one on which it has been difficult to get definitive answers.

Nonetheless, progress has continued on some aspects of our project. This week, the contractors have been finishing new walls, patching up drywall where it was cutout, etc., and we are making decisions about tile, paint, carpet and other finishes for the new tasting room.

Ethel’s Hallway of Alcohol History

One of the new features in this space will be a hallway that connects the tasting room to the production area. The door we still need to cut in (which I wrote about last week) is at one end of the hall. Here are a few shots of the hallway – it already has sprinklers in it, and will soon have lights – they were wiring up the lights this week. They use lasers to line everything up, and I happened to be walking through there when they were doing it and got a shot of the lasers in action. Kinda cool!Lasers for lights

Hallway Two

Hallway One











Here are a couple of shots of the drywall patching and additional half-walls being put in for the distillery side’s electrical room. Lots of mudding and taping going on around here, and lots of drywall dust to be found:

Drywall PatchingElectrical Room









 TilesTiles, Carpeting, Paints & Such

And here’s a picture of one of the tiles we hope to use in the bar area. We are getting rid of the forest green & red colors in the space, and replacing them with our dark blue, light blue/silver and such, as well. Soon, we’ll move to painting, which will be very fun to see!

Licenses & Government Approvals

As I have probably mentioned, we need approval from the federal government before we can move anything out of our existing distillery. Then, we need approval from the state government after we move everything, but before we can make, serve or sell anything from our new facility. Finally, we need approval from the local liquor commission before we can sell anything. Recently, we ran into a bit of a snag with our federal paperwork – the person who was assigned to our case left the agency, and our paperwork sat unassigned for several weeks. So, we were left in a state of uncertainty about when they would actually process our request. We still have some uncertainty, but we are hopeful that we will still be able to move on our timeline. Stay tuned for further news next week – until we have a more definitive timeframe, we cannot commit to an opening day.

This Coming Week & Thanks!

Hopefully, we’ll soon be able to move forward with the final plan for electricity, and they’ll get that final door cut in so we can move some things out of the tasting room. And, hopefully we’ll be able to get samples of the tile and carpet we have selected, as well as final paint samples. There is still much to do, and we are anxious for the work to be done so that we can move forward.

Please keep sending us your good vibes, and thank you for all the encouragement and support we’ve been receiving from all corners! We really appreciate it!