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Things are coming along! We are now shooting for a grand opening the weekend of April 22-24, but we cannot yet officially confirm the date – stay tuned for further updates. As you may know, we have to get approval from the federal government before we can move anything, and then approval from them after we move and are setup. And, we have to get approval from the state government before we can actually open in our new location. Timing is a challenge with all of these things, so we are working to get some clarity on the timing for getting our licenses finalized this week. In addition, we’ve still got a fair bit of work to do! Here are this week’s major updates:

Floor Tiles & Plumbing

Tile & plumbingBar PlumbingWe did have to cut through some of those tiles I mentioned last week (photo at left), and are going to have to take up more of them to make it look good, now that so many have been cut and broken. Unfortunately, the plumbing wasn’t even where they thought it was, so they cut far more tiles than they really need to… we’re now coming up with a creative way to update the tiled area as a result. Stay tuned!

The plumbers put in all the lines for the bar, and had them inspected, so they can move forward with filling in the new concrete today. We have to wait at least two weeks for the concrete to cure, and then we’ll be able to put in the new tile flooring and such in the bar area. We won’t be able to put in the bar itself, sinks, etc. until the new floor is in, so we’re focusing on the bar right now (see below).

Walls & Doors

Finishing the WallThe drywallers are making good progress on finishing taping wallsthe new walls for the production area, with some insulation, drywall, mudding and taping going on this past week.

There was a little issue (several, actually) related to the exit doors in the production area that were discovered, but hopefully the current plan will hold so we can finish up that part of the walls.

They also did a bit of drywalling for the new offices – we are putting in doors with locks, but keeping some of the glass features in the office area – we’re going to use some of the other glass panes as part of our new bar.

Office Doorway
Connecting WallOne New Issue

This is the last wall where a hole needs to be cut for a new doorway – this is an important one, it is the connection between our new tasting room and the production distillery.  It’s been determined to be a load bearing wall, so before it can be cut, the architects had to study whether some additional shoring was needed before cutting the wall, and whether additional support for the wall will be required. We certainly don’t want the building, or the wall, to fall down, so it’s an important question!

In the end, there will be a steel beam put across the top of the opening and welded to the supports on either side, and some temporary shoring before the work is done. Hopefully, we’ll get that doorway cut this week, now that we have a plan – we have a bunch of cabinets and stuff we want to move to the distillery area (and get out of the way in the tasting room), but we are waiting for this doorway to do it!

Bar Design & Construction

The work has begun on our new bar as well – it’s going to be 32 feet long, with about 12 chairs and a service bar area for our team to use for drinks. We can’t wait to host people at the bar in our new space once it is done!