In Distillery News, Life of a Distiller

We are pressing on from the challenges of last week, and have gotten some things done this week. We have a brand spankin’ new gas meter now, and the heaters should soon be operational – turns out, they haven’t run for over 5 years, so it’s not exactly surprising that they need some maintenance!

Here are a few photos of what’s happening now:

Tiles Missing

I mentioned that some tiles will have to be taken out in order to put in plumbing for our new bar. Well, the contractors have started taking out the tiles. Here’s a pic of the area where the plumbers will start – unfortunately the tiles are breaking when we pull them up,  so we’ll have to find something creative to do or see if we can match the tiles.





I have sanded the top of the desk I wrote about last week, which will be our new cashier station. Unfortunately, I think I burned out the electric sander and we’ll need to get a more powerful one – we have a lot more sanding to do! And, I need to do at least one more pass on this desk before we can get ready to stain it.

Plumbing pt 4
The plumbers have put in most of the plumbing in the distillery area, so assuming the inspection went fine, they’ll be able to fill in these trenches.





My thoughts are now turning to fun stuff like the color palette for the tasting room, wall finishes, fabrics, etc. I picked out some preliminary colors today and am going to get some paint samples to test them out. I plan to visit some fabric stores this week in search of inspiration as well – hopefully I can find something great to have turned into our window coverings and pillows!

I’ve started acquiring furniture, which is fun. Most of it is stored away from the sanding/drywalling/etc. in the conference room, so this crappy picture shows the view through the door (since I was sanding nearby today, it seemed best to leave it closed). We’ll have some comfy chairs by the fireplace, and some regular tables & chairs in other areas – many more seats than we have now!

Still targeting April 8-10 for opening, but that seems pretty ambitious at this point. Stay tuned for further updates!