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Things are coming along, but we hit a few bumps this week and not much has changed from last week’s update. This kind of thing happens with projects like this, of course, but it creates lots of opportunities for frustration due to lack of information/communication, as well as potential for delays. The most interesting factoid we learned (which came from the gas company) is that the part of our building that will become our main tasting room area has been vacant since at least 2011, probably earlier – it’s amazing how great it looks considering that fact.

  • We Need a Gas Meter!?!
    Our new tasting room area not only does not have the gas turned on, it does not even have a gas meter. Apparently, when you don’t pay your gas bill, they don’t just shut it off, they take the whole darn meter. Because it’s pretty temperate in there (it stays about 60 degrees in there all the time), the new building owners and we didn’t notice it at first. But, we’ve got to get a new meter installed before we can have the gas turned on and actually have heat. Fingers crossed for a reasonable timeframe from the gas company on that one!
  • Bar AreaWe Have to Cut into the Fancy Italian Tile
    In order to plumb our new bar, we have to run some new plumbing and cut in some area for drains, etc. Unfortunately, the main plumbing line resides under some tile. And, upon researching it further, it’s fancy tile. So, unless we find another option, we’ll be pulling some it out and hoping to match it or find something cool to do with the tile there. Derek, and our contractors, are on the hunt for a source – fingers crossed on that one too! Here’s a shot of the bar area, which is unfinished floor right now – this is where the plumbing will go, and the tile floor is just outside of view. Unfortunately, the pipes in the wall they removed are not big enough/not the right kind.
  • PlumbingPlumbing is Underway
    The plumbers are working on getting all the plumbing into the distillery area- they had to cut in lines from another part of the building, which is a pretty big ordeal – here’s a shot of some of the trenches they have cut in to run water lines in, as well as waste lines out, and to put in our new trench drain. They will run in the new lines, then get them inspected before they fill it in with concrete.
  • New Doors, Electrical, Drywall, Etc.Doors for Space
    A lot of stuff should be happening this week with finishing off the drywall for our new distillery area, as well as busting through the one remaining wall that needs a hole cut in for a new doorway. We have a bunch of new doors that will be going into various locations, including some really heavy metal doors and some solid wood doors.
  • Power Tools for Me! 
    When we built out Tasting Room 2.0, I got to use a sawzall and some other power tools – it was pretty fun. This week, I am spending some quality time with an electric sander – we need to refinish some surfaces in the tasting room, so I am stripping off the old finish and getting them ready to stain & reseal. Our new checkout area is going to be awesome once I am done Store Updatewith it! Here’s a before picture (the checkout area is the desk on the left of the picture here, the rest is the soon-to-be little retail store area, without all the wiring from the last photo I posted of this part).