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With the massive flurry of activity here these past few weeks, I fell off from writing weekly updates and posting pictures. We were able to get a ton of things finished – painting, staining, decorating, etc., and also built out most of our bar. We still have some things we are working on, but we were able to successfully open last week!

Starting tonight, we’ll be open for our first full week in our new home, and I wanted to share some pictures of the place now that much of the work is finished. Here are a few shots of our new tasting room/cocktail bar/distillery store/event space:



Bar Sign     Seating Area

Ribbon CuttingAll the GOOD News:

We Cut a Ribbon!

We had a ribbon cutting with the Mayor of our village (Green Oaks) on Friday, and it was great fun – the first time we’ve ever done such a thing. The Mayor, and the Village, have been great to work with – it’s a small village, but they have worked with us every step of the way to make our move happen.

We Had Lots of Help!

In addition, we had great help from the folks at Harmony Haus Painting (Nichole is awesome and she and her team do great work), H.T. Strenger Plumbing, Heritage Signs, and our amazingly dedicated staff (including several new people who joined us this month). We simply can’t thank these people enough for their help, especially our amazing staff.

Sign We Have a Sign!

We have an actual, lit sign above our entryway, with several more signs on the way for our entrance. Unfortunately we found out that some of the windows in the entry are not dirty – they actually have to be replaced. So, that will happen next week, and we’ll get the rest of the signs installed.

People Love our New Location!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by last weekend, and we thank you heartily for bringing your patience as we worked out some kinks in our new location. Everything is bigger here, and in a new place, so we learned a lot in our first weekend about how to make this place a great experience for our guests.  We also got a lot of great suggestions, and ideas for some new events too – we’ve got a lot of great times ahead and we are excited for summer in our new home.

And Some BAD News

We Had a Big Delay in the Production Area…

Some plumbing work had to be redone by the contractors who were building out our space, which significantly delayed our ability to start manufacturing spirits again. They have finally finished the work, so we are furiously working to get Ethel the Still set up for production again. We are a bit behind now, so Derek and his team will be focusing on that for the next few weeks while we work to catch up. This means that we (and many of our wholesalers) are out-of-stock on some of our items temporarily. Rest assured, we are working on it! And we are hiring for part-time production help, as well.

We Lost our SunshineSunshine on her Bed - 2014

Unfortunately, our beloved distillery dog, Sunshine, left us earlier this month. She is now frolicking in the fields, chasing treats, and making new friends in the great beyond. We miss her very much, and we know many of our friends & customers will too. We wanted to let those of you know who have met her – she made an impression on many and sure loved meeting people here.