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We are in high gear now, with many things going on this week! Here are some updates, and some pictures:

Moving & Licenses

As I mentioned last week, we got approval from the federal government to actually move, so we started that process this past Friday. Ethel the Still has left the building, as it were, and so have many of our barrels, tanks, etc. We are aiming to have everything moved over by Thursday of this week, and then we’ll focus on getting things put away and in place.

We had our State of Illinois inspection this week as well, and it went fine – we hope to have our license to actually open in thew new location shortly – we are on track for our opening timeline, at least as the licensing goes!Sanding Done

Painting & Staining

I stripped and sanded the rest of the new checkout counter, and am working on staining & sealing it now. In addition, I’ve been painting the bathrooms – formerly a brick red, now dark blue & white. We need some new light fixtures in there, the bathrooms are very dark.

Our painters are coming in to paint the entryway this week, as well as a couple of other areas – hopefully all the painting will be done by the end of this week.

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After

Other Stuff

  • Tiles all FixedStaff – we have been interviewing folks, and hoping to hire all the people we need for our new location very soon. We’ll be starting training soon as well. We are excited to have some new faces and new ideas around!
  • Tile – the tile folks got the tiles re-installed in the area where they had been removed. It’s as if it never happened, aside from all the time and energy Derek spent pulling up tiles for the repair!
  • Fabric – I have chosen a fabric for some accents, and those are in process – they will pull all the colors in the room together, hopefully.
  • Bar – the bar is well on its way, and we are working on getting the rest of the pieces stained and ready to put in place. Very soon, we will have an actual bar that people can sit along. We are looking forward to hosting people.
  • Sinks & Such – I am still working on getting the rest of the sinks and things we need for the bar, as well as some additional furniture – all of those things should be here by next week.
  • Menus – I am working on our new menu, and very excited to get the menu covers in that we ordered. The gent making them is a woodworker, and also the father of the owner of a bar that carries our spirits in Chicago. I will post a picture once they arrive!
  • Signs – our big, lighted sign just went up today – it turned out great! We have another sign coming soon too, for the wood block in our entry way. We will be a LOT easier to find now, that’s for sure.

It’s getting close – and we are very excited, and just a bit nervous!