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We are in the home stretch on the construction, for the most part, and there is now a flurry of activity on our part. It’s going to be a very hectic couple of weeks around here! Tomorrow, we are picking up a moving truck and making plans to move Ethel the Still and all our other equipment and furniture over the next week. Just today, we (finally) got our approval from the federal government to move, so we can officially start moving barrels and cases and such.

Here are a few pictures and the general news on updates this week:

Before and After: Bar Area

Here’s are some photos that show the progression of the area that will soon house our new bar. At first, it had cubicles & green carpet, and some green walls. Then, it had a bunch of wires and conduit but no walls, then concrete floor and some plumbing cut in. Now, it has a beautiful new tile floor and plumbing for our new bar. The bar is being stained right now, so we’ll have pictures of that soon too.CubiclesBar Area - NowBar Area - Middle

Paint, Paint, Paint

Paint CansI told you last week about some of my painting misadventures, and I am continuing to paint (with better lighting). The bathrooms were a brick red color, and very dark. They will soon have a fresh coat of paint, and better lighting. In addition, I have some professional painters coming in to paint the entry way and another part of the space that is too difficult/dangerous for me to paint. Here’s a shot of the empty paint containers for the paint used in the new distillery space and our corridor connecting the two spaces – there are more from the tasting room side of things, so a lot of paint has gone into this project!

Corridor - DoneCorridor is Done!

Our new tasting room and distillery are connected by a corridor. Now that it is fully built out, with lights and a fresh coat of paint, I am working on some fun stuff to decorate it. We realize now that perhaps we should have considered the tone of the light when we selected the paint color – it has a bit of a pale lavender hue, which is pretty, but not exactly what we were going for. Ah well, we’ll paint it down the road if the artwork doesn’t change our perspective.

Other Stuff in the Works

  • Tile Installation – We found a great local flooring company to install the tiles that Derek rescued, and they are also putting in some new tile in the area where he pulled those rescued tiles. So, we’ll soon have the tile floors all fixed and ready.
  • Office Carpet Carpet for the Office – I have pulled up the green carpet from one of the offices so far, and will be putting in new carpet (that matches the new carpet in the store, which I wrote about last week). So far, I’ve go the carpet and pad out, and most of the carpet tacking. Hopefully I can get those in this week as well.

As you may have seen, we are CLOSED now until we get open in our new location. We’ll have the full update on the timing of that next week, hopefully! Stay tuned, and thank you for your interest and your support!