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Well, it’s been more like ten days since my last update, and much has happened. Things are starting to come together! Here are some shots of the progress this week, as well as a recap of activities over the last ten days:

Power is Restored!

The power was out in the tasting room area for about 10 days while the electricians re-ran all the wires – a bit longer than we anticipated. Our new home did not have enough power to run Ethel the Still and all our other equipment, so we needed to get that fixed. Whew, we can run our stuff now!

Dancing (and Painting and Tiling) in the Dark

The contractors were somewhat limited in what they could do without power. They did an amazing job laying the tile for the new floor in our bar area, and we are very happy with the tile we chose. We also did some work in the tasting room – Derek pulled up ceramic tiles and cleaned them off (I wrote about this last week). It was quite an ordeal, and he truly hopes not to need to do that again anytime soon. I did some painting, and also some sanding/stripping of the counters in the retail area, which I will refinish. While the flooring folks did an amazing job on the floor in the dark, my paint job will need to be redone. Not due to messiness, but due to the color – the color I chose looked GREAT in the darkness with spotlights (that were yellow in tone), but is a bit too bright for the space with the lights on (white light). You probably already knew this, but in case you didn’t –  don’t paint a room without having the actual lighting ON in the room. At least it’s only paint!

Shop Area - Painted!This Week’s Progress – Paint, Carpet, Etc.

Crazy Cool CarpetThe space is really starting to come together, and it’s exciting to see areas actually be finished (mostly). There is a ton of dust, and much cleaning to do, but at least most of the work is done.  The painters are painting, the flooring folks are working on the ramp between our tasting room and the corridor to the distillery, and they got our new carpeting installed in our new store.  It’s kind of a crazy pattern but I love it!

And this shot on the right shows an area that used to have a wall where I was standing, but not a wall on the other side. The counter to the left is the one I am stripping to re-stain & re-seal.

Grinding it Out

They are also grinding the floor in the distillery area. The space used to house a fancy gym, so they had mats glued down to the floor. All that’s left is a lot of glue, so they are cleaning it off and then sealing the concrete. Here’s the gadget they use to do that – they are pretty loud and pretty powerful. And, here’s a shot of what they do – you can see where some of it is cleared off and some of it isn’t.

Concrete Polishers

Concrete Polishing













Working on the Bar & Furnishings, Etc.

We have come a long way, but there is much to do. The buildout of the bar is in process, and we have been making decisions about stain colors and exploring the best shades given all the varieties of wood in the room. We’ve also been making decisions about things to carry in our store, selecting some new partners for services and things we are going to need in our new home, and selecting furniture and equipment for the bar and seating areas. We’ve found some gorgeous fabrics to incorporate into some of the space, and have some very fun ideas for the bar, too. Many fun surprises to come!
Choosing Stains Pt2 Choosing Stains