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There is much to report this week, most notably that our final timeframe has been determined – it’s a bit later than we were hoping for, but we are glad to have a more definitive timeline set. We have gotten our construction, moving, and importantly, our licensing & inspection timeframes, aligned. Without further ado, here it is:

  • Martini partyGrand Opening CelebrationWeekend of May 13-15 – We’ll be having a huge party and celebrating our new location! That weekend, we’ll be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the following week we’ll be open Wednesday through Sunday. Stay tuned for updates, and mark your calendars now.
  • Schedule from Now Til Then:
    • Open regular hours through April 16
    • CLOSED from April 17 to May 5 while we get everything moved over and get settled in
    • We MIGHT be open before May 13, but we’re not sure yet – stay tuned!
  • Garage Sale – Saturday April 16 – as we have mentioned a few times, we plan to have a garage sale before we move. We have some bottles in our archives of past limited releases, some other bottles we don’t want to move, and a few miscellaneous things we don’t want to take with us, but that someone might want.  The date has been set (finally) for Saturday, April 16 from 12 to 9. Stay tuned for a list of what we have, as well as the process we’re going to follow for the sale of limited release bottles – we have had a lot of interest and want to be as fair as possible.

Latest Project News

We Have a Doorway #2We Have a Doorway #1The Two Parts are Connected!

We now have a two-sided passageway between the distillery and the tasting room (the pics are of the two sides, and the door you see is the passageway to the hall). The wall was shored up (since it was found to be load bearing), and the opening was made. In addition, the steel I-beam has been welded across the opening, and the drywall guy was finishing up the drywall around it today. Soon, it will be paintable and look like it always was there (maybe). At least the opening is there!

Electrical is Underway

The electricians are running new lines, so we were temporarily without power. We decided to try and get some work done in the dark – so I was painting in this. Hope it Power Outlooks OK once we have lights again! Just kidding, we used a big light and a long extension cord, so I could see what I was doing. I’m not THAT much of a risk taker.

Derek is a Genius

You probably already knew that, but my hubby is pretty awesome at a lot of things. He also doesn’t give up easily. As I’ve  mentioned, we have this area where the contractors had to remove some fancy Italian tile, and the tile is not available anymore. We’ve wracked our brains (and the internet, and lots of flooring stores & experts) for ideas of what to do, and we have some options. None of them were great, though.  Meanwhile, we have an area that has the same tile in it (where that new doorway I just wrote about starts). The contractors didn’t think there was a way to remove the tile without breaking it, after they made several unsuccessful attempts. Turns out – it just took the right touch! Derek has figured out how to remove tiles from that other area, which we can repurpose to replace the ones that were cut. It’s a lot of work, but at least it’s possible, so we’ll be removing more tiles this week.

Distillery Side is Almost Done

Just some paint, and some cleaning up of the floor to go, and we’ll have an awesome new (and bigger) production space!

Distillery 4-3